AGRO Poultry High Bay

AGRO Poultry High Bay

A reliable and efficient LED system for poultry farming with a 7-year warranty

LED lighting system for poultry farms and households with birds kept on the floor or in cages. Using the LED system instead of other types of lamps allows you to improve the quality of lighting and reduce electricity costs.


280 mm


24.44 W

Color temperature



7 years

Advantages and features

AGRO Poultry High Bay LED lighting system is a unique solution for lighting poultry farms and home poultry houses

High quality of lighting

A specialized modular lens provides uniformity and a wide angle of illumination, without pulsation. The system is equipped with smooth adjustment of the illumination level from 0 to 100% and the "dawn/dusk" mode.


After the modernization of lighting for poultry farming, the total electricity consumption is reduced by 5-10 times. In the AGRO Poultry High Bay system, the number of lamps on one cable has been significantly reduced (27 lamps instead of 60).

Special spectrum

"Warm" radiation is specially selected according to its spectral composition to accelerate the growth of chickens and increase production efficiency.


In system management, we introduce the "Dalii" protocol, which increases the accuracy of light control - a high-precision value of illumination at the lower limits is achieved. 

High level of protection

Optics are resistant to aggressive environments and have a degree of protection IP65. The unique aluminum profile provides heat dissipation, and protection against temperature changes, and is also resistant to mechanical influences and aggressive chemicals.

7-year warranty

The LED lighting system for poultry farming AGRO Poultry High Bay is produced by the Ukrainian manufacturer LEDLIFE with a warranty period that exceeds the payback period of the product.


The AGRO Poultry High Bay LED lighting system is suitable for lighting poultry farms and home poultry farms with laying hens, broilers, and young chickens.

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