AGRO Poultry Tube (R) 24 V

AGRO Poultry Tube (R) 24 V

Resistive LED lighting system for poultry with a 5-year warranty

LED lighting system for poultry farms and households with birds kept on the floor or in cages. Using the LED system instead of other types of lamps allows you to improve the quality of lighting and reduce electricity costs.


300-900 mm


3.5-10.5 W


special spectrum


5 years

Advantages and features

LED lighting system AGRO Poultry Tube (R) 24 V – economical lighting of poultry farms and poultry houses


After upgrading the lighting of the poultry houses with the installation of the system instead of fluorescent lamps, the total consumption of electricity is reduced by 5-10 times with an illumination level of 40 Lk/sq.m. Due to the high reliability of lighting devices, the costs of lighting maintenance are lower

High quality of lighting

LED lighting of poultry houses is characterized by high uniformity in the poultry breeding area. It can be used in conjunction with a computer control system of a poultry farm. The system is equipped with smooth adjustment of the illumination level from 0 to 100% and the "dawn/dusk" mode.


To power up the lamps with a high level of protection against dust and moisture (IP67), a constant voltage of 24 V, safe for personnel, is used. The power supply unit is resistant to voltage fluctuations in the range of 110-265 V

Special spectrum

"Warm" radiation is specially selected according to its spectral composition to accelerate the growth of chickens and increase production efficiency.

Absence of noise and interference

In the lighting system of poultry farms, ballasts with a choke are not used, which is often a source of interference in the electrical network and noise in the surrounding space. Due to this, its service life is increased.

The service life is 50,000 hours

Bayer Makrolon optical polycarbonate case does not lose its transparency over time, is resistant to mechanical influences and aggressive chemicals, allows cleaning with high-pressure devices

5-year warranty

LED lighting for poultry houses AGRO Poultry Tube (R) 24 V is produced by a Ukrainian manufacturer with a warranty period that exceeds the payback period of the product. The sector connection of LEDs is additional protection against a decrease in the level of light flux.


The LED lighting system is suitable for the lighting of poultry farms and home poultry houses with laying hens, broilers, young birds on the floor or in cages

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