Lamp with anti-vandal fastening

Alcor for housing and communal services in a case with anti-vandal fastening and fully shockproof. Economical lamps for local lighting with wall and ceiling mounting.


300-1200 mm


4-13 W


6000 K


3 years

Advantages and features

Anti-vandal Alcor LED lamps are economical and reliable lamps for housing and communal services

Universality of application

The lamp for housing and communal services has an anti-vandal design and a low pulsation coefficient. It meets all modern safety standards, so it can be installed in technical and public premises, in children's, preschool, and medical institutions.

High-quality light flow

The LED lamp provides a uniform light flow without pulsations that irritate the eyes, and instantly turns on without flickering, which is often observed in fluorescent lamps. It has a high color rendering index, CRI.


Due to the low energy consumption of Alcor lamps, their installation does not lead to a significant increase in house maintenance costs. Substantial savings are achieved when replacing old-type utility lamps with Alcor due to reduced energy consumption and operating costs for lighting.

High reliability

The warranty period is 3 years with a working life of at least 50,000 hours. The body is made of strong optical polycarbonate, does not lose transparency over time, and does not crack with temperature changes. The built-in network driver works stably at a voltage in the electrical network from 110 to 265 V. Thanks to these advantages, Alcor is a good option for a lamp at the entrance.

Ceiling and wall installation

Anti-vandal LED lamps for housing and communal services can be fixed to the ceiling or wall of the room, which makes it possible to easily choose a suitable place for the lamp in rooms of small size or with a complex layout.

3 shades of light

Models of the Alcor line are offered in 3 variants of color temperature - neutral (close to daylight), warm, and cold light. The lamps are made in a white polycarbonate housing.


The Alcor lamp is intended for the field of housing and communal services and can be installed in entrances, storerooms, on stairwells, in the adjacent territory, in public and educational institutions.

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