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Linear decorative lamp

Deco in a classic rectangular case made of aluminum. Economical universal lamp for local illumination and general lighting has several installation options - suspended, overhead, with built-in.


600-2000 mm


20-54 W


6000 K


5 years

Advantages and features

The classic Deco LED lamp is a universal light source for additional lighting and general lighting

Universality of application

The Deco lamp with the possibility of hanging, overhead or built-in mounting is used as a separate light source and as part of light installations of various geometric shapes. Several lamps can be combined into a continuous line, as well as integrated into various light control systems - DALI, Casambi, Freedom house, Smart Light Ledlife.

High reliability

The service life of a linear decorative LED lamp is at least 50,000 hours. The aluminum case dissipates heat well. This will allow the lamp to work much longer than the warranty period (5 years). The integrated driver withstands network fluctuations from 175 to 265 V.

High-quality light flow

The LED lamp provides a uniform light flow without pulsations that irritate the eyes, and instantly turns on without flickering, which is often observed in fluorescent lamps. It has a high color rendering index, CRI.


The efficient energy consumption of a linear LED lamp allows you to quickly pay off the product and get a significant economic effect much sooner than the warranty expires.

3 color temperature options

It is possible to choose an LED lamp by color temperature - with warm, neutral (close to daylight) and cold light. The model is offered in black and silver body, at the request of the customer it is possible to paint it in any color according to the RAL palette.

Hanging and overhead mounting

The DECO lamp can be installed in different ways. It can be a choice of two collet height-adjustable hangers made of stainless steel cable with silicone coating or a mounting kit for wall or ceiling mounting.


The Deco lamp is well suited for lighting premises with a linear layout - shopping halls, office premises, hospital lobbies, classrooms. The model is also suitable for design projects.

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