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Deco Uni Cat’s Eye

Deco Uni Cat’s Eye

Linear decorative lamp

Deco Uni Cat's Eye linear LED lamp with a special diffuser that does not blind the eyes. Ideal for the decorative design of modern interiors.


1200-1500 mm


36-46 W


4000 K


5 years

Advantages and features

Deco Uni Cat's Eye LED lamp – comfortable lighting without glare

Hidden light sources

A special optical diffuser creates a line effect from individual point light sources. The combination of their light fluxes and reflected light provides comfortable lighting that does not irritate the eyes and does not blind the eyes.

Modern design

The decorative LED lamp has a case of a classic rectangular shape. It is well suited for an interior in a current minimalist style. The standard model is presented in a black case.


An LED lamp consumes much less electricity than a fluorescent lamp. This allows us to pay back our lighting devices in about 1 year and in the future to save on their maintenance during the entire period of operation.

High reliability

High-quality SMD LEDs emit light that is uniform in the spectrum without pulsation. The built-in network driver ensures instant switching on and stable operation of the LEDs, regardless of voltage fluctuations in the network. The LED lamp with a color rendering index of 83 creates conditions for the correct visual perception of all colors of the illuminated object.

The term of operation is 50,000 hours

The aluminum case of the Deco Uni Cat's Eye lamp dissipates heat from the internal components, which extends the life of the product. The internal driver allows voltage fluctuations in the range of 200-260 V. Warranty - 5 years from the date of purchase.

The ability to adjust the height

Complete collet hangers made of stainless steel cable with silicone coating are used for fixing the ceiling lamp. The length of the pendants can be adjusted to place the lamp at the desired height.

The light is close to daylight

The Deco Uni Cat's Eye LED lamp provides a soft neutral light as close as possible to daylight. Such light is the most comfortable for the human eye. Suitable for use in furnishing work areas and rest areas.


The Deco Uni Cat's Eye lamp is used for general lighting of office premises, architectural and design studios, beauty salons, trade, and exhibition halls.

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