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Ellipse 2

Ellipse 2

Universal lamp

Ellipse 2 with increased luminous flux for interior lighting of high and large rooms. The advantages of the product are a high level of protection against dust and moisture, and low power consumption.


600-1500 mm


27-72 W


6000 K


5 years

Advantages and features

Powerful LED lamps Ellipse 2 - for large rooms of any purpose

High quality lamp

The Ellipse lamp contains high-quality SMD LEDs and provides stable diffuse radiation without pulsations. Thanks to the high color rendering index, the color of objects are perceived without color distortion.

High reliability

The warranty period of the product is 5 years with a number of working hours of at least 50,000. The aluminum case is a radiator that removes heat from the internal components and increases the service life. The built-in driver works stably at a network voltage of 200 to 260 V.


Due to the low energy consumption of Ellipse compared to analogs of another type, the cost of paying for electricity is reduced. In addition, costs associated with maintenance, repair, and disposal are reduced. After a payback period of about a year, a significant economic effect is achieved.

3 light shade options

Models of the Ellipse line are offered in several color temperature options - warm, neutral (close to daylight), and cold light. The lamp is offered in an anodized aluminum housing but can be painted in a different color. This allows you to buy an LED lamp for the office with a different color design.

High level of protection

Lamps with Tri-Proof Light technology are well protected against moisture and dust penetration, as well as against aggressive environments and corrosion. This makes it possible to use them in production premises of various orientations, in car washes, workshops, and other areas of any purpose. Including, LED lamps in stock.

Ceiling and wall installation

Ellipse LED lights can be mounted to the ceiling on pendants made of stainless steel collets with a silicone coating, and can also be mounted on the wall using brackets.


The Ellipse 2 lamp can be installed in any premises, including those with high ceilings, suitable for production sites, repair workshops, warehouses and retail premises.

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