Ellipse 3 Emergency

Ellipse 3 Emergency

Universal lamp with emergency lighting function

The Ellipse 3 lamp is equipped with an emergency power supply unit. The body is made of matte optical polycarbonate. Ellipse 3 consumes significantly less electricity than analogs with fluorescent lamps. But it maintains a sufficient level of lighting in the event of an emergency.


600-1500 mm


18-36 W


4000 K


3 years

Advantages and features

Ellipse 3 emergency LED lights are a universal source of light when the emergency voltage is turned off

Emergency mode

The lamp is equipped with an emergency power supply unit with a rechargeable battery. The design is built into the body. On the ends, there is an indicator and a button, with which you can test the emergency mode of operation of the lamp.

High reliability

The degree of protection of the lamp is IP54. This allows us to use it even in quite aggressive conditions. The one-piece body of the lamp made of optical polycarbonate is resistant to mechanical damage.

2 connection methods

The first is a permanent connection. The lamp is built into the main lighting system and in normal operation is part of it. In the event of a power outage, the lamp reduces the luminous flux to 3 W and continues to operate from the battery. The second method is a non-permanent connection. The lamp is not part of the main lighting and is switched off in normal operation. In the event of an emergency shutdown, the lamp is turned on from the battery.

Ease of operation

The emergency lamp does not require additional battery maintenance. During operation from the network in normal mode, the BAP in the lamp charges the battery, which does not affect the operation of the lamp in any way.


Designed to create emergency lighting in the event of an emergency power outage.

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