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Ellipse 3 LITE

Ellipse 3 LITE

Quality that has become even more affordable

Universal LED lamp Ellipse 3 LITE with increased light efficiency for indoor lighting. The product is offered in a single body length and has the most attractive price (among Ellipse) due to the invented engineering solution.


1200 mm


36 W


4000/ 6000 K


2 years

Advantages and features

Universal and affordable Ellipse 3 LITE LED lamp for general room lighting

Increased light efficiency

The Ellipse 3 LITE universal LED lamp is distinguished by the highest indicator of light efficiency among products of the Ellipse series - 140 Lm/W.

Single body length

Due to its design features, Ellipse 3 LITE is offered only with a length of 1200 mm.


Due to the low energy consumption of Ellipse compared to analogs of another type, the cost of paying for electricity is reduced. In addition, costs associated with maintenance, repair, and disposal are reduced. After a payback period of about a year, a significant economic effect is achieved.

Simplified internal layout

The lamp contains a single board on which the LEDs are located. This ensures stable scattered radiation and the complete absence of light pulsations.

2 light shade options

It is possible to choose an LED lamp by color temperature - with neutral (close to daylight) and cold light. The model is offered in an optical polycarbonate case.


The Ellipse 3 LITE lamp has a wide range of applications and can be installed in warehouses and industrial enterprises, residential complexes, offices, supermarkets, and other infrastructure facilities.

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