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Decorative LED lamp with the possibility of embedding

The Grill LED lamp is designed for general decorative lighting. Does not dazzle the eyes and is easily integrated into the false ceiling.




30 W


4000/ 6000 K


5 years

Advantages and features

Grill decorative lamp – stylish and energy-efficient lighting

Modern design

The body of the lamp provides for its installation in the ceiling. You can adjust the angle of incidence of light to your liking. The lamp is available in 2 colors - black and white.


The LED lamp consumes much less electricity. This allows you to quickly pay off the cost of the lamp and start saving on utility services.

High quality lighting

High-quality SMD LEDs emit light that is uniform in spectrum without pulsation. The built-in network driver ensures instant switching on and stable operation of the LEDs, regardless of voltage fluctuations in the network. The LED lamp with a color rendering index of 83 creates conditions for the correct visual perception of all colors of the illuminated object.

2 color temperature options

The Grill LED lamp gives a soft neutral or cold light. Neutral light is more versatile and suitable for any room. Cold - for educational institutions, work areas of libraries, places where maximum concentration and productivity are required.

The service life is 50,000 hours

The body of the Grill lamp is made of aluminum. It fully dissipates heat and prevents the lamp from overheating from long-term use. The warranty service of the lamp is carried out for 5 years.


The Grill lamp is suitable for decorative interior decoration. It is used as an element of general lighting of offices and trade halls, exhibition spaces and locations, architectural and design studios.

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