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Hidden Light

Hidden Light

Multifunctional LED lighting

The Hidden Light universal lamp is compact, thin and inconspicuous. The most versatile field of use: from the decoration of trade windows to the illumination of designer structures.


from 70 mm


16 W


special spectrum


2 years

Advantages and features

Hidden Light LED lamps are multifunctional lighting

Compactness and versatility

Thanks to its compact body, the Hidden Light LED lamp is suitable for lighting objects and structures of various sizes. We will make lamps of any length in multiples of 70 mm especially for your project.

Different radiation spectrum

In addition to the warm, neutral, and cold color temperatures standard for LED lamps, there is an option specifically for lighting display cases with food products. We have developed a separate series for lighting showcases with meat, fish, bread and cheese, vegetables and fruits with a special spectrum.

Guaranteed light quality

At the base of the lamp is an LED module in the form of an FR-4 printed circuit board with a thickness of 1 mm. Unlike the LED strip, Hidden Light can be used as the main functional lighting, not just decorative.


Less energy consumption compared to other types of lighting devices. The product quickly pays for itself, and the user receives a significant economic effect even before the warranty period expires.

High reliability

The body of the lamp is a u-shaped aluminum profile, which removes heat well from the internal components of the device. This further increases the service life of the lamp.

2 types of installation

The lamp can be attached to clips or magnets. It depends on whether you need a lamp for retail or a lamp for the office, on the designer's intention and the features of the base on which the Hidden Light is planned to be fixed. Connection to the network using a 12/24 VDC power supply unit.


The Hidden Light lamp can be installed in any room. Suitable for lightning commercial equipment (refrigerators, jewelry showcases, shelves with non-food products, etc.), decorative structures, aquariums, furniture, etc.

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