Powerful street lamp

Kite LED light in an aluminum housing for lighting streets and highways. Modular replacement technology, cantilever mounting, and high protection against dust and moisture.


290-554 mm


60-240 W


6000 K


5 years

Advantages and features

Powerful LED lights Kite - economic lighting of roads and streets

High protection against moisture

The modules of the LED lamp have a strong case made of aluminum and impact-resistant plastic, which reliably protects the internal elements from the influence of moisture and the penetration of dust. This makes it possible to use the Kite lantern in any climatic conditions at ambient temperatures from -30 to +50 degrees.

Modular design

The LED lantern consists of separate hermetic modules, which facilitate its maintenance and repair. The installation of the LED lamp on the supports or the facade is carried out using the cantilever mounting method, which ensures the convenience of installing and replacing individual modules.

Long service life

The working time before failure is at least 50,000 hours. The LED lantern is highly reliable, which is why the warranty is provided for 5 years. Special road optics do not lose their transparency over time. The network driver allows voltage fluctuations in the range of 100-277 V. The aluminum housings of the modules perform the function of cooling the internal elements, which extends their service life.


LED road lighting consumes significantly less electricity than fluorescent or halogen light sources. The payback period of the Kite LED light is about 1 year due to energy savings. After this period, an economic effect is achieved due to the reduction of energy costs. The lamps do not require periodic maintenance, which also saves time and money.

3 shades of light

Lamps for external lighting of highways are presented in 3 variants of the color temperature of radiation - with warm, cold and neutral light. This makes it possible to choose the most suitable option for a specific urban landscape.


Kite lamps are designed for LED lighting of roads, streets, highways and local roads.

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