Kite FL

Kite FL

LED spotlight

Kite FL LED spotlight of modular construction in an aluminum case. High protection against dust and moisture, symmetrical optics with a scattering angle of 25, 40, 60, 90 or 110 degrees.


234-354 mm


60-240 W


6000 K


5 years

Advantages and features

LED floodlights Kite FL – energy-saving LED lighting of high halls and open areas

Modular design

The spotlight consists of replaceable hermetic modules, which facilitates its maintenance. The design makes it possible to replace the failed module with a working unit and quickly restore the projector's functionality.

Ability to choose light color and scattering angle

LED floodlights are presented in several variants of the shade of light (warm, neutral, cold) and the angle of dispersion of the light flux - 25, 40, 60, 90, 110 degrees. This variety makes it possible to choose a configuration suitable for the project.

Versatility of attachment

The installation of the lighting device is carried out by fixing the U-shaped bracket to the metal structure, to the wall or ceiling of the room. The fastening mechanism allows you to adjust the angle of inclination of the housing and the direction of the light flow. The recommended installation height of the LED floodlight is more than 10 meters.

High protection against moisture

The modules have a strong stamped aluminum case with a seal, which reliably protects the internal elements from the influence of moisture and dust. The Kite FL floodlight can be used for street lighting in any climatic conditions, with ambient temperatures from -30 to +50 degrees.


The LED floodlight for lighting highways consumes significantly less electricity than other types of lights, such as the DRL-500 lamp. The cost-effectiveness of the floodlight makes it possible to pay for it due to the reduction of electricity costs and to obtain an economic effect from the reconstruction of the lighting. In addition, costs for regular maintenance are reduced. The street light can be integrated into the Smart Light lighting control system, which also saves money.

The service life is 50,000 hours

The LED floodlight is highly reliable, so the warranty period is 5 years. The optical diffuser maintains transparency during the entire service life. The network driver is resistant to fluctuations in the network voltage in the range of 100-277 V. The aluminum housing of the modules effectively removes heat from the internal components, which extends the service life of the projector.


Kite FL LED floodlights are designed for indoor and outdoor lighting of industrial and warehouse facilities, exhibitions and sports grounds.

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