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Light Panel

Light Panel

LED panel

Light Panel in a thin and strong aluminum case. A modern alternative to Armstrong raster lamps for general lighting of offices and apartments.




36-40 W


4000/ 6000 K


5 years

Advantages and features

Light Panel LED panels are economical modern lighting of high quality

Versatility of installation

Installation of the LED panel 595x595 mm is possible in one of several options - with built-in, overhead, suspended attachment to the ceiling or wall. This makes it possible to easily adapt a panel with a thickness of only 10 mm to any type of ceiling and to lower the suspended or suspended ceiling less than it is necessary for thick lighting fittings of the old type.

Selection by shade of light

The panel line includes samples with warm, neutral (day) and cold light. This allows you to choose the right lighting, taking into account the design and purpose of the room. The Light Panel can be integrated into the Smart Light LEDLIFE light control system - for programming and remote control of the lighting.

Strong case

The basis of the design of the LED panel is made of an aluminum profile with a U-shaped section, connected by a double-sided welded seam. This gives the support frame the necessary rigidity and high resistance to deformation.

Even glow

The external matt diffuser of the panel is made of organic plastic. Internal optical diffusers compensate for the lack of radiation in small areas of the panel area that do not overlap with the LEDs.

High reliability

The service life of the panel is at least 50,000 hours. Warranty service is provided for 5 years. The device is equipped with a network driver, which is not critical to voltage fluctuations from 198 to 265 V. The rear part of the case is made of aluminum with additional stiffening ribs, which reliably protects the internal elements from moisture and dust, and also effectively removes heat from them, extending the service life of the product. A special positioning system centers the plate with LEDs, preventing its damage during heating.

High quality lighting

The panel uses LEDs that emit light of a uniform spectrum. Therefore, the color of lighting objects is not distorted for visual perception. Other advantages of LED panels are the absence of pulsation and flickering when turned on, like fluorescent lamps.


Light Panel LED panels are used for general lighting of offices, administrative and medical institutions, educational institutions, and residential premises.

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