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LED-lamp with one-way connection

LED lamps of the PC series in an optical polycarbonate housing are characterized by an extended service life, high efficiency and effectiveness. The power consumption of T8 PC lamps is 3 times lower than that of their fluorescent counterparts. This will significantly reduce energy costs.


300-1500 mm


4-19 W


6000 K


3 years

Advantages and features

Modern T8 PC LED lamps - a variety of advantages over competitors

Easy installation

When installing the T8 PC lamp, no ballast is required. The one-way connection simplifies the installation process in the lighting fittings. Modernizing the luminaire by replacing the old lamps of the most common lengths with LED T8 1200 mm or LED T8 900 mm is enough to dismantle the ballast and slightly change the wiring diagram.

Warranty 3 years

T8 PC LED lamps are produced by a Ukrainian manufacturer with a warranty period that exceeds the payback period of the product (about 1 year).

Service life - 35,000 hours

The optical polycarbonate housing does not lose its qualities during operation and has mechanical strength.

High color rendering index (Ra)

The luminous flux of T8 PC LED lamps has a uniform spectrum, so there is no distortion of the color perception of objects. This ensures high comfort for your eyes.

High light efficiency

The T8 PC LED lamp has the highest luminous efficacy of any of our LED lamps - 163 Lm/W.

Absence of noise and interference

The T8 PC LED lamp does not require the use of a ballast with a choke, which is often a source of interference in the power grid and noise in the surrounding space.

Universality of application

The product can be used on premises for various purposes - in household, industrial, commercial, educational, medical, etc.


The lamps are installed in Armstrong, LPO, and LWO ceiling luminaires. They are suitable for lighting: offices, schools, universities, shopping areas, hospitals, gas stations, and advertising structures.

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