T8 PC Food

T8 PC Food

LED lamp with one-way connection

A specially designed series of five LED lamps that emphasize the visual appeal of different foods. The lamps are made of materials that are harmless to food. Their use does not lead to a decrease in the quality of the products presented in the display case.


300-1500 mm


4-19 W

Color temperature

special spectrum


3 years

Advantages and features

Modern T8 PC LED lamps – a variety of advantages over competitors

Fresh Meat

A lamp for lighting refrigerated displays with fresh meat or ready-to-eat meat products. It conveys the natural colors of freshly cut meat, depending on its type and grade, and gives an appetizing appearance to finished products. The light pink tint of the lighting allows you to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance of the product throughout the entire working day of the store.

Fresh Fish

A lamp for illuminating fresh fish displays, set to provide cold white light. It is the cold white reflected in the mirror of the scales that best conveys the appearance of the fish, as if it had just been caught from the pond.

Bread & Cheese

A lamp for illuminating cheese displays and departments with fresh baked goods (bakery products). The warm yellow hue of the lighting creates a picture that depicts the relief of golden bread crust, flavorful cheese with holes, and a ruddy crispy bun. The lamp does not distort the natural color reproduction, but only creates a brighter and clearer impression of the products.

Fruits & Vegetables

The Fruits & Vegetables lamp is designed to illuminate display cases with fruits, vegetables and herbs in natural daylight in sunny weather. The Fruits & Vegetables color shade can be used to illuminate grocery, culinary and confectionery displays. The neutral white color of the lighting will emphasize the design of the dish provided by the cook and the design of the packaged goods (different colors, textures and textures).


Lamp for lighting industrial refrigerators and refrigerated display cases. The model is available in 3 color temperatures - warm, neutral and cold light.

No negative impact on products

The body of the T8 PC Food LED lamp made of polycarbonate does not heat up and does not emit an unpleasant odor. Therefore, the use of the lamp does not lead to a decrease in the quality of the products presented in the display case.

Warranty 3 years

T8 PC Food LED lamps are produced by a Ukrainian manufacturer with a warranty period that exceeds the product's payback period (about 1 year).


The lamps are installed in specialized stores and supermarket departments.

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