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Track Light MIRO Food

Track Light MIRO Food

Accent lighting of food products

A specially designed series of five LED lights on a busbar, which makes it possible to create accent lighting in an area not limited by the area of a closed showcase. It is convenient for zoned halls of supermarkets and markets.




24 W


special spectrum


5 years

Advantages and features

Track Light MIRO Food expands the possibilities of lamps designed for lighting food products

Fresh meat

Track spotlight for lighting refrigerated showcases with fresh meat or ready-made meat products. It conveys the natural colors of freshly processed fresh meat, depending on its type and grade, and gives an appetizing look to finished products. A light pink shade of lighting allows you to maintain an aesthetically presentable appearance of the product throughout the entire working day of the store.

Fresh Fish

Track spotlight for lighting showcases with fresh fish, set to illuminate with cold white light. It is the cold white, reflected in the mirror of the scales, that best conveys the appearance of the fish as if it had just been caught from the pond.

Bread & Cheese

Track spotlight for lighting cheese showcases and departments with fresh baked goods (bakery products). The warm yellow shade of lighting creates a picture in which the relief of a golden bread crust, aromatic cheese with holes, and a ruddy crispy bun is drawn.

Fruits & Vegetables

The track spotlight for lighting showcases fruits, vegetables and greens corresponds to natural daylight in sunny weather. This makes it possible to convey the unique juicy colors, shine and smoothness of fresh vegetables and fruits. The Fruits & Vegetables color shade can be used to illuminate grocery, cooking and confectionery displays. The neutral white color of the lighting and the high color rendering ratio will favorably emphasize the design of the dish, provided by the cook, and the design of the packaged product (various colors, textures and textures).

High quality and directionality of light

The radiation is characterized by a great uniformity of the spectrum, thanks to which the natural color of illuminated objects is perceived by the eye without color distortions. The relief and texture of the goods are well emphasized, which increases their attractiveness to the buyer.


Track Light MIRO Food track lamps are installed in specialized stores, and departments in supermarkets.

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