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Detailing is professional car care. Car technicians wash, degrease, polish, clean, and apply protective coatings inside and outside the car. Special conditions had to be created for such a labor-intensive process.

First of all, it is lighting, with a minimum illumination of 1000 lux.

Such light intensity will allow you not to lose sight of even the smallest details when processing the surface.


To make lighting last for a long time, it is better to make it of high quality from the start. That's why we offer you only high-tech solutions. Together with our partners, the SVETISH company, we have drawn up a design concept using several different types of luminaires.

One of them is the Ellipse 3 luminaire with a neutral color temperature in sizes of 1200 mm and 600 mm. The combination of these two devices creates an appropriate light intensity with which technicians can clearly see every inch of the car's surface. At the same time, the light does not blind the eyes.

The degree of protection of the luminaire against moisture and dust is IP 65. The additional Tri Proof Light technology protects the luminaire not only from dust and moisture, but also completely eliminates corrosion.

We offer LED lighting of our own production, and if necessary, we develop a design project in compliance with the established lighting standards and safety requirements.

With the reliable metal housing of LEDLIFE outdoor luminaires, you can reduce operating costs. LED light sources consume less electricity. And the special design of the lens prevents light pollution.

Our managers will answer any questions and help you place an order.

Lamps used

Ellipse 2

Degree of protection

IP 54


5 years


27-72 W

Luminous Efficiency

120 lm/W

Track Light MIRO

Degree of protection

IP 20


5 years


26 W

Luminous Efficiency

145 lm/W

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